Natural succhi

Family company

Established in 2015 but its history starts from far away ...

since the late nineteenth century - early twentieth century in Sicily the art and craft of processing and processing citrus fruits in citrus derivatives was undertaken. In particular, Natural Succhi is on the market with a wide range of essential oils, appreciated by the perfumery industries, and with 100% natural juices that are distinguished throughout the national and foreign markets for their peculiar organoleptic characteristics.

Online commerce

Fifth generation of transformers

Today the company is followed in particular, for some innovative assets of online commerce, by a capable manager who represents the fifth generation of transformers that, as tradition has it, pass on the experience and professionalism in the sector from father to son.L'azienda si contraddistingue per la commercializzazione di tutti i prodotti trasformati, ottenuti dall'attenta selezione delle materie prime che fanno il buon prodotto finito.

Raw material

Among the raw materials are used PGI products such as the "Syracuse IGP Lemon". The products supplied by Natural Succhi are manufactured and processed with careful care by companies located in an exclusive pedoclimatic area that goes from the sea to the mountains. From the careful selection of Sicilian citrus fruits and quality fresh fruit you can have natural products with excellent organoleptic qualities that our company is able to get on your tables.

Our offer

Our offer is made up of 100% natural juices, the extraction of juices takes place with the help of machinery that guarantees the best quality of the product on the market, as the juice is almost free of essential oil. The raw materials are pressed at the time of packaging and the resulting juice is immediately cut down to a temperature of 0 ° C / + 3 ° C and immediately packaged to then be cut down to a temperature of -35 ° C in order to obtain a frozen product. This process of transforming the product by deep-freezing or freezing, immediately after pressing, is the system that best preserves the organoleptic quality of citrus juices. Our product is available in packaging for family, laboratory and above all industry use. In addition to frozen juices 100% natural, Natural Succhi is on the market with the marketing of IQF frozen fruit, a wide range of essential oils and fresh fruit, including the precious Sicilian citrus fruits.