List of products by brand Natural Succhi

  • Lemons


    Lemon differs from other citrus fruit due to its greater sensitivity to low temperatures, surpassed only by that of lime and cedar. This has led citrus cultivators to cultivate it in particularly mild environments, where there are no frosts, so in Italy it is found in coastal areas with a milder climate present in Sicily and Calabria. Today in Italy, the main varieties of lemons in cultivation are native: Femminello Zagara bianca, Femminello Siracusano, Monachello, Interdonato, etc.

    The Femminello Siracusano and the Monachello (typical Etna lemon) with their three blooms, with its three blooms: the primofiore (from November to April), the bianchetto and the verdello (from May to September).

  • Mandarin essential oil


    cold extracted mandarin essential oil

  • Mandarine Marmalade

    €3.82 -5% €3.63

    The Natural Fruit Mandarin Marmalade is made using exclusively Sicilian Mandarins.

    The processing in "vacuum concentration bubble" at low temperatures allows to keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit used.


  • Oranges


    The nutritional importance of oranges was already known at the end of the 18th century, when important quantities of these fruits were embarked on ships for the prevention of scurvy, a disease caused by the lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In the Italian adult population a daily intake level of 60 mg ascorbic acid is recommended, therefore considering that on average orange and lemon contain 50 mg / 100 g it is possible to assert that a daily consumption of citrus fruit allows the almost total coverage of the daily requirement of C vitamin.

  • Sicilian flavors box

    €30.00 -25% €22.50

    The Sicilian flavors box contains 4 types of extra jams, which contain the flavors of the best fruits that Sicily gives us.

    Natural Frutta jams are made with only hand selected fruit and harvested in the best phase of ripeness.

    The processing in a "vacuum concentration bubble" at low temperatures allows the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit used to be kept intact.

    Product WITHOUT the addition of pectin.


  • Sweet orange essential oil


    Cold-pressed blond orange essential oil